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Addameer Prisoners Support and Human Rights Association is a Palestinian non-governmental, civil institution that focuses on human rights issues. Activities focus on supporting Palestinian prisoners, advocating the rights of political prisoners, and working to end torture through monitoring, legal procedures and solidarity campaigns.
Site includes human rights reports on torture, administrative detention, and political prisoners. Describes Addameer’s legal program, prisoner visit program, and lobbying program. Documentation of statistics regarding detainees.


Palestinian human rights organization founded by Palestinian lawyers to defend Palestinian human rights.
Press releases, updates on the Intifada, reports on human rights violations, and a database of relevant U.N. Security Council resolutions

Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem

Promotes sustainable development in the occupied Palestinian territories.
Site includes useful maps.


Background information on the issue of Palestinian refugees and durable solutions (including the right of return, restitution and compensation). Overview of international refugee protection and the status of Palestinian refugees under international refugee law. Overview of international assistance to Palestinian refugees. Analysis of the right of return, restitution, and compensation under various bodies of international law.  Badil publications on Palestinian refugees. English and Arabic.

Defence for Children International 

Defence for Children International/Palestine Section (DCI/PS), established in 1992, is a branch of  the Geneva-based organization of the same name. It is a non-governmental organization established in 1979, with consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, UNICEF, UNESCO, and the Council of Europe.  DCI/PS is dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of Palestinian children in the West Bank and Gaza.

Gaza Community Mental Health Program

Provides mental health support to the community.
Site provides abstracts of research on psycho-social problems; descriptions of training courses; description of a women’s empowerment project; and press releases.

Ibdaa Community Development Project
(registration required)

Located in the Dheisheh refugee camp near Bethlehem, West Bank.
Contains a history of the camp, description of the Ibdaa children’s cultural center and development project, news from Dheisheh, oral histories of camp residents, and a list of 30 villages from which residents were expelled.

International Middle East Media Center            

Up-to-date news briefs, commentary, editorials, op-eds, and interviews, by Ghassan Andoni and associated journalists. 

International Solidarity Movement to End the Occupation (ISM)

"A Palestinian-led movement of Palestinian and International activists working to raise awareness of the struggle for Palestinian freedom and an end to Israeli occupation. We utilize nonviolent, direct-action methods of resistance to confront and challenge illegal Israeli occupation forces and policies."

Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights

A Palestinian non-governmental human rights organization based in Jerusalem, established in 1997 by lawyers and members of the Palestinian community of Jerusalem. JCSER provides legal assistance and representation to Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem subjected to discriminatory policies by the Israeli authorities.
Fact sheets and press releases on rights issues and home demolition. Reports on legal services, advocacy work, and research.

Al Mezan 

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights is a Palestinian non-governmental non-partisan organization based in the refugee camp of Jabalia in the Gaza Strip. Al Mezan’s mandate is “to promote, protect and prevent violations of human rights in general and economic, social and cultural (ESC) rights in particular, to provide effective aid to those victims of such violations, and to enhance the quality of life of the community in marginalized sectors of the Gaza Strip. 
News releases, publications, and an international campaign: "Gaza is Still Occupied."


The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy, MIFTAH, is a non-governmental non-partisan Jerusalem-based institution dedicated to fostering democracy and good governance within Palestinian society through promoting public accountability, transparency, the free flow of information and ideas, and the challenging of stereotyping at home and abroad. Established in December 1998, with Hanan Ashrawi as its Secretary-General.
Maps, statistics, news, many articles.

Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network (PENGON)    

"A non-profit, non-governmental organization whose role is to serve the Palestinian environment by acting as a coordinating body for the Palestinian environmental organizations located in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (West Bank and Gaza Strip)."

Palestinian Centre For Human Rights

An independent Palestinian human rights organization based in Gaza City.
Provides a weekly report on Israeli human rights violations in the Occupied Territories, news updates, internship opportunities, and in-depth studies and reports.

Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group (PHRMG)

The PHRMG documents human rights violations committed against Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, regardless of who is responsible. The PHRMG has dedicated much of its work to the monitoring of human rights violations committed by the Palestinian Authority. Provides reports on assassinations and settler violence. Includes, articles. press releases, and archives of the “Palestinian Human Rights Monitor.” Also provides a database of fatalities. Arabic and English.

Palestine Hydrology Group

PHG is striving, in cooperation with the local communities, to protect and develop water and environmental resources and to ensure just and equal provision of water and sanitation services to the rural and marginal communities in the West Bank and Gaza.

Palestinian Red Crescent Society

The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) is a national humanitarian society that provides a wide range of health, social and other humanitarian services for  the Palestinian People throughout the Middle East.
Entries on current events, the Intifada, documentation of human rights violations. Updates on construction of the Separation Wall, closures, settlement activities, and destruction of Palestinian land. Reference map and interactive charts-- enter specific dates to get the exact number of deaths for a given time period. 

Sabeel is an ecumenical grassroots liberation movement among Palestinian Christians. It's an ecumenical center for Palestinian Liberation Theology which seeks to make the Gospel contextually relevant. In Arabic Sabeel means 'The Way' and also a 'Spring of Water'. Sabeel strives to develop a spirituality based on justice. See also -- Friends of Sabeel North America

Stop the Wall     

Regularly updated site with maps and news postings on the latest developments with the Wall. Fact sheets, activist resources, and photos.

Tamer Institute for Community Education

The Tamer Institute for Community Education is an NGO concerned with urgent problems in education under the occupation. Goals of the Institute include encouraging expression and improving the skills and abilities of the young in community work.

Contains descriptions of various projects: a reading campaign, an oral history project, summer camp, a resource center coordinated with 60 OT libraries, and the organization’s publishing unit.

Thirsting for Justice

The Emergency Water Sanitation and Hygiene group (EWASH) in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, a coalition of 30 leading humanitarian organizations is launching, through its Advocacy Task Force (ATF), the Thirsting for Justice Campaign to mobilise European citizens to demand that their governments pressure Israel to change its behavior in order to comply with international law and respect Palestinians’ human rights.

Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees

A grassroots Palestinian health organization seeking to supplement the decayed and inadequate health infrastructure caused by years of Israeli military occupation.
Site documents Israeli army and settler attacks on Palestinian civilians, issues press releases and emergency appeals.

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Alternative Information Center

Based in Jerusalem, the Alternative Information Center is a Palestinian-Israeli organization that disseminates information, research and political analysis. Includes reports on settler violence, and articles from back issues of the AIC’s monthly publication “News from Within.”

Anarchists Against the Wall      

This is one of the most sincere and effective organizations composed of Israelis working in solidarity with the Palestinians. They have clear, uncompromised politics of solidarity, and implement creative actions in Israel, as well as being on the scene in the Occupied Territories in solidarity with Palestinian anti-Wall and anti-Occupation activities. Please consider donating to AAW to help support their legal struggles against repression.
   This site contains up-to-date news about the ongoing struggle and about activities of Israelis in its support.

Bat Shalom

A feminist peace organization of Israeli women, advocates a Jerusalem shared by Palestinians and Israelis, and opposes demolitions of Palestinian houses and revocation of Palestinians’ residency rights in Jerusalem.
Ongoing activities, upcoming events, introduces The Jerusalem Link: the coordinating body of two independent women's centers: Bat Shalom - The Jerusalem Women's Action Center, located in West Jerusalem, and Marcaz al-Quds la l-Nissah - the Jerusalem Center for Women, located in East Jerusalem. 

Breaking the Silence  
Testimony from Israeli soldiers who have participated in the occupation, become disillusioned (or outraged) with the IDF's mistreatment of the Palestinians, and made it their mission to share information about the real practices of the occupiers: "Since our discharge from the army, we all feel that we have become different. We feel that service in the occupied territories and the incidents we faced have distorted and harmed the moral values on which we grew up."


For regular updates on human rights violations under the occupation, see
The Israeli Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories documents and educates the Israeli public and policymakers about human rights violations in the Occupied Territories.
Press releases, statistics, studies of Israeli human rights violations in Palestine, information sheets, and case studies.

Courage to Refuse

Founded following the publication of The Combatants Letter in 2002, by a group of 50 combat officers and soldiers. The initiators of the letter, Captain David Zonshein and Lieutenant Yaniv Itzkovits, officers in an elite unit, have served for four years in compulsory service, and another eight years as reserve soldiers, including long periods of active combat both in Lebanon and in the occupied territories.
"A Combatant's letter," Refusenik news, press coverage.

Gush Shalom

An Israeli grassroots movement composed of Jews and Arabs. It calls for: Israeli willingness to withdraw from all territories occupied since 1967; recognition of the PLO as the representative of the Palestinian people; and recognition of the right of the Palestinian people to establish a state of its own, with East Jerusalem as its capital, alongside the state of Israel.
Archives of articles including many written by Uri Avnery,  and a chronicle of direct actions against the occupation.

Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions

ICAHD is a non-violent, direct-action group originally established to oppose and resist Israeli demolition of Palestinian houses in the Occupied Territories.

Rabbis for Human Rights

"The rabbinic voice of conscience in Israel, giving voice to the Jewish tradition of human rights. We promote justice and freedom, while campaigning against discrimination and inhumane conduct."
Updates and statements on human rights issues in Israel and the Occupied Territories.
Photos, press coverage.

Refuser Solidarity Network

Provides support for the growing Refuser Movement in Israel. RSN's objective is to support all Israelis who refuse to serve Occupation.
News of refusenik activities. Events, photos, resources.

Yesh Gvul

An Israeli peace group campaigning against the occupation by backing soldiers who refuse duties of a repressive or aggressive nature. 
Writings about refusal, action announcements, and news about refuseniks.


(Arabic for "life in common"), a grassroots movement of Arabs and Jews working to break down the walls of racism and segregation by constructing a true Arab-Jewish partnership. Past and present activities, upcoming events, news updates.


Zochrot (Remembering) puts up signs of history: "Square where Majdal Arabs were collected and deported to Gaza." They appear by the dozens around Israel. Posting signs at destroyed Palestinian villages is part of a larger effort to bring civil and national equality to the country. Physically marking these villages and holding public discussions on the Palestinian Nakbah may encourage a more ethical discourse and reveal both the victims and the initiators of the hardships. The act of making the destroyed villages visible is intended to set in motion a process of catharsis within the Jewish public, as well as serve as an expression of humanity.


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Amnesty International: Israel and Occupied Territories section

Amnesty International is a worldwide campaigning movement that works to promote all the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international standards.

Provides investigative human rights reports and reports from delegation to Israel and Palestine.

Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT)   

A religious-based pacifist organization. Since 1995 CPT has supported a team of violence reduction workers in Hebron, West Bank.
A description of the project in Hebron, urgent action bulletins, information about delegations to Palestine, case studies, and an excellent Middle East bibliography.

Electronic Intifada

A network of pro-Palestinian activists with a history of Internet and media activism. Focuses on the struggle in the media for representation of the Palestinian point of view.
A daily press digest on events in Palestine and Israel from the media. Action alerts, Intifada fact sheets (updated daily).

International Women's' Peace Service   

An international team of women based in Hares, a village in the Salfit region of the West Bank. Documents human rights abuses, works with the media, and intervenes non-violently in abuses. 
Photos, reports on IWPS activities, delegation reports, updates on the Wall

United Nations Information System on the Question of Palestine (UNISPAL)

Provides full-text U.N. documents relevant to Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict since 1946. Also includes links to all aspects of UN concern with Palestine.

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AAPER - American Association for Palestinian Equal Rights

     The American Association for Palestinian Equal Rights (AAPER) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization whose mission is to inform the American public about the human and national rights of the Palestinian people and the role of the United States in the Middle East.
    AAPER was formed to provide an institution for those millions of Americans who believe in equality in Israel and Palestine, peace in the Middle East and an equitable U.S. policy toward Palestine that upholds the interests and ideals of the American people.


A global association of grassroots activists who advocate the right of Palestinians to return to their homeland and to full restitution of all their confiscated and destroyed property.
Urgent action alerts, event announcements, book list, and fact sheet.

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)

Founded in 1980, the ADC is an Arab-American civil rights organization committed to defending the rights of people of Arab descent. It offers counseling in cases of discrimination and defamation and selected impact litigation in the areas of immigration.

Contains action alerts, press releases, fact sheets, and documentation of anti-Arab discrimination cases in the United States.

Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT)

Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) is a religious-based pacifist organization that has worked in Haiti, the Middle East, Bosnia, Chechnya, Colombia, Mexico, Canada, and the USA. Since 1995 CPT has supported a team of violence reduction workers in Hebron, West Bank. CPT is committed to reducing violence by "Getting in the Way" – challenging systems of domination and exploitation.

Provides a description of the project in Hebron, urgent action bulletins, information about delegations to Palestine, case studies, and an excellent Middle East bibliography.

Foundation for Middle-East Peace

A nonprofit organization dedicated to informing Americans about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and assisting in a peaceful solution that brings security for both peoples.
    See its large, detailed map of Jewish settlements in Occupied Territories as of January 2002.

How Much Aid to Israel?

A project of the US Campaign to End the Occupation. Provides figures on US aid to Israel including breakdowns by Congressional district, county, and city. Describes programs and services that could have been financed by the same amount of money. Provides links to contact Congressional representatives about aid to Israel.

Jewish Voice for Peace

A Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) is a San Francisco Bay Area  grassroots organization dedicated to the human, civil and economic rights of all peoples in the Middle East. Criticizes U.S. policy in the Middle East and calls for removal of Israeli settlements and other occupation  installations in the Palestinian territories.
Describes projects and provides action alerts, an events calendar, a petition, and a link list of Jewish peace groups.

Middle East Children’s Alliance

Works for peace and justice in the Middle East; focusing on Palestine, Israel, Lebanon and Iraq, especially focusing on the rights of children.
Site contains photographs, internship information, information about delegations to Israel/Palestine, and reports from delegations.

Mazin Qumsiyeh   
Many articles by Palestinian-American author, commentator, and activist Mazen Qumsiyeh

Middle East Report   

“Middle East Report” (MER) provides information and analysis on the Middle East. One of the most important scholarly publications on general Middle East issues.
Contains back issues of MER, news updates, and a primer on the Palestinian uprising.

Not In My Name   

A U.S.-based Jewish organization formed to provide an alternative voice for Jews who criticize the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory.
News from Palestine and Israel; maps and facts about Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories; information on U.S. aid to Israel; historical background; calendar of events.

The Palestine Freedom Project

The Palestine Freedom Project is dedicated to providing resources and logistical support to grassroots Palestine solidarity activists everywhere. We work to enhance communication and coordination across the movement, strengthening the connections between solidarity activists and the Palestinian people. Through the innovative application of models and methodologies more commonly used in the private sector, we're making Palestine activism easier, more efficient, and more potent than ever before.

Palestine Remembered

Dedicated to educating the world of the 420 towns destroyed by Israelis in 1948, and to emphasize that the CORE issues of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict are the DISPOSSESSION and ETHNIC CLEANSING (compulsory population transfer for political gains) of the Palestinian people for the past five decades.

U. S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation   

A national coalition of more than 325 organizations working to change U.S. policy toward Israel/Palestine to support human rights, international law, and equality. Informs, educates, and mobilizes the public regarding the U.S. Government's current as well as potential role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Provides groups working against the occupation with a common platform to challenge U.S. policies supporting the Israeli occupation of Palestine. (See also "How Much Aid to Israel?" site above)

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American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)

A civil rights organization committed to defending the rights of people of Arab descent and promoting their rich cultural heritage.
Tips on political action, media work, FAQs about Arab-Americans

Women in Black            

Part of an international network of women who stand in silent vigil, calling for peace, justice and non-violent solutions to conflict. Any woman who strives for peace and justice is welcome to join us any Thursday, 5-6 pm, wearing black/dark clothes.
Site contains flyers, photos, and news of local events.

Palestine Solidarity Committee -- Seattle

PSC is a long-standing activist organization based in Seattle, Washington. Site includes history of Palestine, information on PSC's divestment campaign, calendar of upcoming events, local ISM activities, and a photo archives including many theater activities and demonstrations. 

Palestine Health Journal               

Regularly-updated, beautifully constructed site of the organization Friends of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS). This is a place where the PMRS members, volunteers and friends from around the globe share their experiences, thoughts, and reflections on issues related to health and human rights in Palestine.

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid      

A multi-racial group of queer and trans people who see the connections between Palestinian liberation and all work for racial, gender, and disability justice, for LGBTQ liberation, and for a world without anti-semitism, Islamophobia, xenophobia, war, colonialism, imperialism, borders, or prisons.

Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign   

Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign (SeaMAC) joins a growing number of national and international groups using direct education through public forums, church presentations, school presentations, and other face to face presentations to discuss how U.S. support for Israel enables Israel’s continued oppression and subjugation of the Palestinian people. Along with educational presentations and materials, SeaMAC uses mainstream media to inform the public about the effects of U.S. support for Israel's war crimes and policies, and to increase public awareness of U.S. taxpayer complicity in Israel’s denial of Palestinian rights.

Stop Veolia Seattle              
Stop Veolia Seattle (SVS) formed in response to King County’s contract with French-based multinational corporation, Veolia, for the operation of Metro Access buses. Veolia’s history of Union busting in Seattle, the inadequate service that Access provides to its users under the authority of Veolia, and Veolia’s dismal global track record have motivated communities around Seattle to urge King County to discontinue its contract with Veolia. Veolia is deeply connected to the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine, building and maintaining the infrastructure of Apartheid.

SUPER UW - Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights at University of Washington

Members understand the struggle for Palestinian equal rights as intimately entangled in global struggles for economic, social, and cultural justice, including the struggles of other indigenous peoples around the world, and the structural inequality we face in our own country. We understand that the true definition of “solidarity” is an honest understanding that our own liberation is tied up in the liberation of others and that the oppressed must lead the struggle. As SUPER UW we also stand in solidarity with local struggles on the UW campus against racism, sexism, homophobia, and all other forms of oppression and colonization. As an anti-racist organization, SUPER condemns all forms of hatred and discrimination including anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

Voices for Palestine
A Seattle-based community group with strong ties to Palestine. Most of our group's members are US citizens who either have relatives in Palestine or generally sympathize with the Palestinians and what the illegal Israeli occupation is causing in their communities. We work together on many events including fund raisers, demonstrations, public debates, educational seminars, and many other types of educational activities to bring awareness into the general public about the severity of the situation in Palestine and how we can help in bringing justice and peace to the Palestinians.



Gush Shalom's map of the route of the Wall

Regularly updated map of the Wall

"Visualizing Palestine: Israel's system of segregated roads in the occupied Palestinian territories"
By Ahmad Barclay and Polypod, May 2012
Imagine a sedregated road system where the color of your license plate dictates which roads you can drive on.

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AFTER THE LAST SKY Edward Said, with photo graphs by Jean Mohr

ALL THAT REMAINS: The Palestinian Villages Occupied and
Depopulated by Israel in 1948 Walid Khalidi (ed.)


BEFORE THEIR DIASPORA: A Photographic History of the


BEYOND CHUTZPAH Norman Finkelstein



BLAMING THE VICTIMS Edward Said and Christopher Hitchens


DANGEROUS LIAISONS: The Inside Story of the US-Israel Covert Relationship
Andrew and Leslie Cockburn




HOW ISRAEL LOST Richard Ben Kramer


INTIFADA Zachary Lockman & Joel Beinin (eds.)

INTRODUCING THE HOLOCAUST Haim Bresheeth, Stuart Hood and Litza Jansz

ISRAEL/PALESTINE: How to End the War of 1948 Tanya Reinhart


LIVE FROM PALESTINE Nancy Stohlman and Laurieann Aladin


THE NEW INTIFADA: Resisting Israel's Apartheid Roane Carey (ed.)



OUTSIDE THE ARK: An Artist's Journey in Occupied Palestine
Ellen O'Grady

PALESTINE AND ISRAEL: A Challenge to Justice John Quigley


PALESTINE INSIDE OUT: An Everyday Occupation, Saree Makdisi

Palestinians 1876-1948 Walid Khalidi



PEACE UNDER FIRE Sandercock et al (eds.)




SAHMATAH Hanna Eady and Edward Mast

SEARCHING JENIN Ramzy Baroud (ed.)


A STUDY OF HISTORY (Vol. 8, 1954 edition) Arnold Toynbee

THE YELLOW WIND David Grossman


VOICES FROM A PROMISED LAND: Palestinian and Israeli Peace
Activists Speak Their Hearts
Penny Rosenwasser

WRESTLING WITH ZION Tony Kushner and Alisa Solomon

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