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 Palestine Solidarity Committee – Seattle

Statement of Purpose

The Palestine Solidarity Committee -- Seattle supports Palestinians in their struggle for the fundamental right of self-determination.  PSC works for an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank (including East Jerusalem), the Gaza Strip, and the Golan Heights. We support the provision of full human rights to all Palestinians living as minorities or refugees anywhere in the world and the right of Palestinian refugees and their descendants to return to their homeland.  We also support the right of the Palestinians themselves to determine the kind of state they will live in.

Towards this end, we try to influence the United States government to change its policies with regard to the Middle East.  We call for an end to US military and economic aid to Israel while Israel violates international law by engaging in a consistent pattern of gross and systematic human rights abuses against Palestinians.  We urge the US government to condemn these abuses and exert pressure on Israel to remove Israeli settlers from all occupied territory, return confiscated land, end the occupation, allow Palestinian self-determination in the formation of a state of their choice, and give full political, civil, social, and economic rights to all Palestinians living within Israel.

PSC strives to build a local and national movement in solidarity with Palestine in order to accomplish our goals.  We work to educate the public, the media, and our governmental representatives about Palestine and the role of the US in supporting the Israeli occupation.  We also work to build ties between our community and Palestine through material aid projects, delegations and sister-city/village/camp associations.

PSC is dedicated to the process and the goal of achieving peace and justice for all people.  We believe that cultural diversity and understanding among cultures are critical elements in attaining global justice and survival.  As individuals in a multi-cultural group, we seek to increase our personal understanding and appreciation of each other's diverse cultures and to build that tolerance and empathy into our work at a structural level.  We are a non-hierarchical, grassroots, democratic organization and we welcome new members who share our goals.



Please consider financially supporting our work. Your donation helps send activists to the Occupied Territories to witness the occupation and to provide solidarity to Palestinians in their struggle for self-determination. We also need ongoing financial support for our educational work, theater activities, and divestment campaign.

We are an all-volunteer group. We can only continue to work with your help. Please donate what you can. Would you like to become a regular supporter? A small amount on a monthly basis – even $10 or $20 – would go a long way toward supporting our work. Contact us about arranging a monthly auto-payment:

Please make your checks payable to: "Palestine Solidarity Committee” and mail them to: 4330 2nd Ave. NE, Seattle, WA, 98105
Or make your payment via PayPal.                                                                                                                                         




Palestine Information Project presents their popular PALESTINE FOR BEGINNERS, a fast-moving guide to the roots of conflict, key historical events, and the characters and motivations behind the ongoing crisis that will provide the context for understanding evolving current events. “The longer I have reflected on your presentation, the more I am convinced that it was the single most useful, concise, interesting and complete discussion of the topic I have encountered in several years of paying close attention to Palestine/Israel issues.” -- Bruce Bowden. Filmed before a live audience and professionally edited, PALESTINE FOR BEGINNERS is a 60 minute presentation with an additional 10 minutes of Q &A, all divided into chapters for reference and classroom use.


Linda Bevis and Edward Mast have developed and presented PALESTINE FOR .BEGINNERS for several years, updating constantly as the situation changes. Linda Bevis is an attorney who lived for several years in the West Bank working with a human rights organization. She currently teaches World History at the high school level. Edward Mast is a playwright and performer whose play SAHMATAH, co-written with Hanna Eady, has been playing in the Middle East and Europe since 1998. Linda and Edward have done human rights work, together and separately, in Northern Ireland, Central America and the former Soviet Union. In 2002 they jointly received the annual human rights award of the United Nations Association of Seattle. Linda and Edward are among the co-founders of Palestine Information Project, a Seattle organization which creates educational materials and presentations about human rights issues and the US role in the Israel/Palestine conflict.


Copies of PALESTINE FOR BEGINNERS are available for a minimum donation of $10 apiece.   Videotape and audio-CD copies can be purchased by special request. Please mail $10 per DVD plus $1 for shipping to:

Palestine Information Project
4330 2nd Ave NE
Seattle WA 98105

Include your mailing address and phone or email contact, and your DVD will be  sent ASAP by regular ground mail. For more information, contact Palestine Information Project at or call (206) 633-1086. 

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